HackEEG Shield for Arduino Due

HackEEG Shield for Arduino Due

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Due to the COVID-19-related semiconductor supply-chain problems, Starcat products are not available at this time.

This is an Arduino Due shield for the TI ADS1299 EEG system-on-a-chip. It is in production and is being used successfully in major research institutions and pharmaceutical companies.


  • Up to 4 shields can be stacked on one Arduino Due, for a total of 32 EEG channels
  • DMA drivers can read and transfer 8 channels of 24-bit resolution data at up to 16,000 samples per second (the maximum rate of the ADS1299 chip)
  • USB 2.0 HS (480Mbps) connectivity when using Arduino Due
  • Python client software and APIs provide easy interchange of real-time data to Lab Streaming Layer, pandas, numpy, and more. Data can be streamed via Lab Streaming Layer at 16,000 samples per second.
  • SPI EEPROM for storing configuration data
  • Jumpers for configuring most of the data and control lines to the Arduino
  • Also compatible with the Arduino Mega 2560 (voltage-level shifters included on board) but with reduced sampling speeds
  • Hardware, Arduino driver software, and Python client software are fully open source.


Only certified for battery-powered use with humans, mammals, or other animals. There is no mains isolation circuitry.


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