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HackEEG connectors

I got new versions of two flavors of connector boards back from the manufacturer recently. One flavor (DIN EEG connectors) was partially assembled, and I built it this weekend. The other flavor (screw terminals) was fully assembled. Here’s some pictures.

Connector-8 DIN 42-802 board with electrodes

The Connector-8 allows you to connect human electrodes to the HackEEG via DIN 42-802 connectors.

Connector-8 assembled

Connector-12 is for connecting the HackEEG permanently to wires via screw terminals, this can be useful when integrating into other devices or for connecting test equipment.

Connector-12 front

They look great. The only issue is that the Connector-8 board with the DIN 42-802 electrode connectors is somewhat hard to build. When soldering the the electrode connectors onto the board it’s difficult to get them to be 100% vertical. So I’m thinking about using some other connectors that have a different orientation, but have a large flat side that makes it easy to get them to all be exactly straight.

Here’s four of the unassembled Connector-8 boards:

partially assembled Connector-8 boards

Some close-up views of back and front:

Connector-8 front
Connector-8 back
Soldering the DIN 42-802 electrode connectors to the Connector-8 board
another view of Connector-8

These connector boards are open source hardware and are made for the HackEEG, a high-performance biosignals acquisition shield for Arduino Due and Mega2560.